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Holy Quran with Translation

Holy Quran with Translation:

Holy Quran with Translation” is designed especially for the people living abroad.  Islam, a complete way of life, is based on the holy book of the Quran. Quran determines the rule of law, justice, economy, rule of wars, social life, punishments on crimes, behavior with parents. Almighty Allah has revealed down the holy book of the Quran to His messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Arabic. That’s why, for Non-Arabs, learning Quran translation is as important as learning Quranic Arabic itself.

Our online translation course is specially designed for individuals who wish to learn the Quran and be able to translate the Holy Book. So that they are able to understand the meaning of the verses of the Quran. The online translation course intends to lay the basic foundation of understanding Arabic and its meanings. Once the student has understood Arabic, then the meanings are deduced in light of the context in which the Quranic verses were revealed.

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The course outline is given below

Part 1:

Firstly, The Tutor daily tells you the meaning of a few words.

Part 2:

In the next stage, Tutor describes the meaning of every verse word by word.

Part 3:

In the advanced stage of this course, you will also understand the contextual meaning of the Quran verses.

Part 4:

At this stage, we make sure that you will also be able to translate the Quranic Verses properly.

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