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Quran learning Course

Quran learning Course:

God set the equality rule between men and women which was not so common at the time or place the Holy Quran was bestowed upon our prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him. He said that men and also women are equal in rights. And learning the Quran is an integral part of the life of every true Muslim believer.  Quran learning course brings you the opportunity to learn the Quran.

Understanding the Quran and learning to recite the Quran radiates guidance and light into the life of every Muslim. Our staff includes highly qualified female tutors who offer Arabic learning courses to our female learners. This will help our learners better understand the basics and rules of Arabic through a flexible online schedule. Bearing in mind that all tutors are very good in English which is perfect for easy and clear communication.

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Quran learning Course for Females

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