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Quran Memorization for Kids

Quran Memorization for Kids:

The Quran memorization for kids program that we have here is also known as the Hifz online program.

Memorizing Quran is not that difficult if you are focused and sincere. it would rather boost your memory and would make you smart. Obviously it is not an easy task but if you find a good teacher, They know-how to make it easy for you.

our teachers have vast experience in this field and they are also highly educated in their respective fields.

When Can My Kid Start Quran Memorization?

There’s no age limit for Quran memorization, whenever a kid wants to memorize the Quran, they can just do it. It’s not necessary it’s not compulsory for every child to memorize the Quran. it’s for those who want to do it and who are encouraged to do it, can usually do it.

You can start memorizing it now and then after you finish you will be having ijazah and you will need to keep that in

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Procedure to Memorize Quran Online for kids:

  • At this level, firstly students will learn word by word Quran memorization, short chapters, and famous verses of the Quran.
  • In the second level, the teacher divides the course into some sections.
  • The student can memorize Quran online in chapters sequence. After that, students will be able to read the Quran easily without looking and without any mistakes.

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Quran Memorization for Kids

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