Do you believe in the existence of perfectionism? There is no such thing in this world or in any field like law, society or economics, etc. Man-made laws and other fields of life are not perfect. Man is imperfect so as his creations like invention theories and law. Today we will talk about perfect law which is created by Allah, and that’s Islam. Islam is a perfect law, religion, and lifestyle because it is designed by Allah. If we follow the rules and laws of Islam there is a great reward for us in the shape of heaven. There are basic five pillars of Islam, let talk about it.

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1) Kalima Shahada

The first pillar of Islam is kalima shahada. It is the core of Islam. It is a declaration of the Muslim to believe that there is no other creator but Allah the most powerful and merciful and prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is the last prophet and messenger of Allah. In shahada, Muslims declare that everything is in the control of Allah and he is most powerful.

2) Prayer(salat):

Salat is the second important pillar of Islam because of its importance, it is called the backbone of our religion. It is the duty of every Muslim to perform salat 5 times a day. When we perform wudu for salat Allah says the small sins of Muslims are washed away with it. Salat makes people forbid doing wrong things, it purifies their soul. In salat, we testify that Allah is great and there is no other worthy of prayers except Allah.

3) Fasting During Ramadan:

Fasting or Roza is the third pillar of Islam. It is obligatory for every Muslim to fast one month in Ramadan. Allah says that fasting is the zakat of your body, as Muslims give zakat on their wealth it is also the duty of Muslims to give the zakat of their bodies by fasting. There are also a lot of health benefits of fasting which is scientifically proven. Allah commands us to fast for certain days but ill and women on their menstruation are exempted from it. Whosoever volunteers good, it is good for him, but to fast is better for you if you but knew).[ Al Baqarah-185]

4) Zakat:

Zakat is the fourth pillar of Islam. Basically, zakat is to pay a certain percentage of your wealth to poor and needy peoples. By giving Zakat a Muslim is purifying his wealth and also fair distribution of wealth occurs. Poors also get benefits of the wealth of the rich. It is 2.5% of the wealth.

5) Hajj:

It is the fifth pillar of Islam, Muslims do hajj by visiting Allah’s house (holy Kaaba ) in Mecca to perform rites of pilgrimage as Allah ordered, it was imposed at the 9th Hijri year, it’s imposed only on Muslims who are physically and financially able to afford cost and difficulty of travel. You have to perform this duty once in your entire life if you are a healthy adult having enough money to go to Mecca, perform the hajj and return without causing any harm to your family or putting them in financial distress, Allah Almighty says: ” Pilgrimage to the House is a duty to Allah for all who can make the journey, And whosoever disbelieves, Allah is Rich, independent of all the worlds” [Aali ‘Imran-97].