Online Quran Classes For Kids And Adults:

Our courses are designed for kids as well as adults. We will teach them from a basic level like to pronounce Arabic words, six kalima, and salaat. Also an advanced level like Proper tajweed, translation of Holy Quran, and memorization. In advance level Course we have also a Tafseer course by which students can understand in which circumstance that verse was revealed.

Basically, kids are much better at learning new things than adults. That’s why we are recommending that you should enroll your children in an online Quran course as soon as possible. The best place to learn from is Quran-class. At a young age the mind of a kid is clear to gain knowledge about new things, So don’t be late and enroll your kids with us.

It is the responsibility of every Muslim to give his kids knowledge about Quran and Islam. By the teaching of the Quran, a child will become a better Muslim. You will feel assured that the holy words of Allah the Almighty will be carved into their minds and hearts forever. And the Words of the Quran will guide them throughout their lives.

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